Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I determine if my roof needs repair, and what does your roof repair service entail?

A: Signs like leaks, missing shingles, or water stains may indicate roof issues. Our roof repair service addresses various issues, including leaks, damaged shingles, and structural problems, restoring the integrity of your roof.

Q2: What is the process involved in roof installation, and what roofing materials do you offer?

A: Roof installation involves a detailed assessment, substrate preparation, and skilled installation. We offer a range of roofing materials, including asphalt, metal, and tile, allowing you to choose based on durability, style, and budget.

Q3: How can I prevent gutter damage, and what services do you provide for gutter repair?

A: Regular cleaning and maintenance prevent gutter damage. Our gutter repair service includes fixing leaks, realigning sections, and ensuring proper drainage, safeguarding your home from water damage.

Q4: What factors should I consider when choosing gutters for installation, and how does your gutter installation service work?

A: Factors like material, size, and style influence gutter selection. Our gutter installation service includes a thorough consultation to determine the best fit for your home, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Q5: When should I consider window repair, and what types of window issues can your service address?

A: Drafts, condensation, or difficulty opening/closing may signal window issues. Our window repair service addresses various problems, including seal failure, hardware issues, and glass damage, restoring your windows’ functionality.

Q6: What are the benefits of installing new windows, and what types of windows do you offer for installation?

A: New windows enhance energy efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality. Our installation services cover various window types, including casement, double-hung, and bay windows, catering to your preferences and home style.

Q7: How do I know if my door needs replacement, and what types of doors do you provide for replacements?

A: Signs like difficulty in opening/closing or visible damage may indicate the need for door replacement. We offer a range of doors, including entry doors, patio doors, and sliding doors, ensuring security and style.

Q8: What is the process involved in installing a new door, and how long does it typically take?

A: Door installation involves assessment, preparation, and precise installation. The duration varies based on the type of door and complexity. We prioritize efficiency without compromising quality in our installation process.

Q9: What makes kitchen remodeling a worthwhile investment, and what aspects of the kitchen do you typically renovate?

A: Kitchen remodeling enhances functionality, aesthetics, and property value. We renovate various aspects, including cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances, creating a customized space that suits your lifestyle.

Q10: How can bathroom remodeling increase the value of my home, and what specific services do you offer for bathroom renovations?

A: Bathroom remodeling adds comfort and value to your home. Our services include updating fixtures, expanding space, and incorporating modern design elements, ensuring a personalized and functional bathroom renovation.

For more detailed information or to discuss your specific construction needs, feel free to contact us. We’re committed to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions for roofing, gutters, windows, doors, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Our Full Range of Services

residential property exteriors with asphalt shingles roof installation brown city mi

Roofing Services

Replace your damaged shingles, patch up holes and tears on your roof, and install new roofing materials with our roofing service.

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residential property close up with new gutter system installation brown city mi

Gutter Services

A clean gutter is a functioning gutter. This service can provide you options for installing and repairing your broken gutters.

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residential property side view with front windows installation brown city mi

Windows & Doors

We can work on any window and door, on any style or material that’s needed. Repairing and installing will be a breeze.

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house kitchen interiors with tile walls and hardwood flooring brown city mi

Kitchen Remodeling

A high traffic area like the kitchen is susceptible to wear and tear. We offer complete kitchen remodeling services.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Our team is dedicated to creating fresh, modern bathrooms that reflect your unique style and needs.

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Custom Cabinetry

Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship in every project, whether you’re revamping your kitchen or seeking unique storage solutions.

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wall painting in progress


Whether it’s a fresh exterior look or a vibrant interior design, our painting services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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With Our Help We Can Build the Home of Your Dreams

Whether it be a roof installation, a gutter repair, a window replacement, a kitchen remodel, or more, our company, E & J Construction of Mid-Michigan, will work on it. Our dedicated team of contractors will ensure that the job is completed and is accurate to your specifications. If you are a homeowner in Brown City, MI and the surrounding areas, you can contact us at (810) 837-2804 and get a free estimate. You may also fill our contact form so you can start your project today!